"Low Exposure" Group, Private Hike & Kayak Adventures

Waterfall guided hike in The Great Smoky Mountains of  Gatlinburg, TN. Pigeon Forge, TN East TN

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

NOTE:  The trails are opening May 9th! Prudent hygiene will be practiced to keep you and the bears safe! Our refreshing and highly acclaimed hikes, get you away from the city life and cell phones, and immerse you into the beauty of waterfalls and mountain views

-Unique Quiet Settings

-Possible Bear Sightings

-Dolly Parton & Bear Stories

-Entertaining & Educational 

-Cherokees & Early Settler History

-Park  Geological  & Civic Creation.  

Family kayaking in the Greaty Smoky Mountains of  Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville Tennessee

Small Grp. & Pvt. Kayaking

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

This event is not affected by current closures! Of course, we practice strict health habits. Choose either a  fun and frolic Splash Cool Down Kayak Tour Adventure,  or take a our  Private Sunset Starlight Kayak Adventure, where couples or families paddle across the lake, watch a spectacular sunset, then treat themselves to the provided S'mores and hot dogs, cooked on the campfire, the Guide has made. Then for desert, take in the starry starry night  while paddling back across the lake in illuminated kayaks! Adventure doesn't get any better than that!

History guided walking tour of Elkmont, TN Great Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg, TN, Pigeon Forge, TN

History & Mysteries Walks

Small Grp. & Private Hikes

History & Mysteries Walks

NOTE: The Nat'l. Park is opening May 9th! Mysteries & Histories Walk Perfect for non hikers, history buffs and large groups! You'll meet your Guide inside The Great Smokys National Park, and attendees will caravan a few miles to a unique, and historic area in the park called; Elkmont, where once, two resorts resided in their splendor. Once there, your knowledgeable guide, will walk you through remaining once charming family cabins, as he portrays what life was like there, back in the early 1900's. 

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Q. Why would we pay to have you as our guide when we can walk the trails ourselves? 

A. Great question! We have Nat'l Park Service Licensed Guides who are trained to provide hike adventures for all ages, that match your abilities with safe and free of safety issues including; fallen tree obstructions, mud, recent bear activity, high water crossings and annoyingly large crowds.  We know all the best waterfalls and views and entertainingly inform you of the formation of the Park itself,  including the the Cherokee,s Woodland Indians, the early and late settlers of the area. Yes, anyone can hike a trail, but it is a completely different experience especially in regards to preparation, safety, and understanding the history and wildlife connected to the trail.

Q. What will we need to bring? 

A. We provide our guests with hiking poles for safety, and rent backpacks if  needed, Once you purchase your event, you will receive a "prep list" email immediately, suggesting what to wear and items to bring to make your adventure more enjoyable.

Q. Will we see a bear and if so, will we be in danger?

A. Quite possibly yes! The Great Smoky Mtns. Nat'l. Park, boasts the highest concentration of Black Bears in North  America! The good news is, there is a low probability of anyone being injured by a bear and actually your greatest threat is tripping and injuring oneself on the trail. That's why we provide hiking poles. Our guides, who carry bear rated pepper spray, has experienced over twenty encounters with bears while on the trail and never had any injuries or extremely close encounters with them either.  One thing for sure, if you're fortunate enough to have a trail encounter with one of these majestic creatures on our tour, you will most certainly be perfectly safe,  even as your pulse increases with excitement, you'll come away changed regarding what you've previously heard about these fascinating animals. compared to your own unique experience on your guided hike! They are wonderful and usually rather shy!


Personalized Adventure Packages


Designed Just For You and Your Abilities

We are  licensed by The U.S. Dept. of The Interior and provide personalized, safe hike, kayak and camping adventures to waterfalls, views, and historic points of interest for families, groups, and couples and singles. We  primarily hike  and camp in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, TN and parts of North Carolina. Our kayaking takes place on Douglas Lake & The French Broad River in Tennessee.